Sunday, June 5, 2011

Is Reiki Still Alternative?

For those who want to be volunteers in Hospice, and practice Reiki or other forms of integrative care, it is important to be aware how far "conventional medicine" has traveled in the past few years. Thus - the question - is Reiki still "alternative."
From a definitional point of view, the NIH //
defines Complementary medicine as "together with conventional medicine, such as use in addition to usual care to help lessen pain."
Alternative Medicine is defined as "in place of conventional medicine."
Is conventional medicine limited to only treating disease and not treating the whole person? Is conventional medicine limited in its scope? Do medical school fail to recognize the growing evidence base involving not only Reiki, but music, aromatherapy, and other modalities.
I wanted to list a few web addresses that would suggest that Integrative Medicine in general, and Reiki in particular, has become far far more "conventional" and mainstream than we sometimes realize.
At the least - for those wanting to become involved in Hospice Programs, and wanting to approach medical directors armed with information, these websites provide at least a substantive argument that an end of life program not offering integrative options is itself out of step with evidence based practice and the leading edge of thought in medical schools.

This is a story from the famous Shock Trauma center, of a young leukemia patient, assisted in care by Reiki, who recovered and is now a Reiki Master.

An article about Reiki used at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital for breast cancer care.

A Continuing education for physicians (open to public) by a professor of medicine and associate chief of Psychiatry Stanford School of Medicine
A continuing education for physicians open to the public by the emeritis Chancellor Duke University School of Medicine

a not for profit think tank doing research on care of wounded warriors for the US military

the Cleveland Clinic website for integrative medicine

the Mayo Clinic website for integrative medicine

The wave has not fully run its course, but mind, body and spirit in a holistic framework are certainly being included within the conventional mainstream. Continue to share stories - the sharing of stories is a part of the ripples in the wave. Stories remain a part of the heart and soul of Hospice.
Thanks to Lorinda Weatherall
for sending me some of the links.

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