Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Robin's Song

I receive many messages every day through my connections through Reiki. And today i received a message from my first Reiki teacher, Robin Hannon, which moved me to share on my Blog. Robin placed on You Tube a version of "Amazing Grace" which she sang commenorating her father, and it was rendered in Cherokee.

"I am on YouTube singing Amazing Grace in honor of my father

Robin Anekehee Littlefeather"

When we connect to spirit, it enriches us. When we are compassionate to others, it heals us. There are in each of our cultures "noble spirits" who represent the best of what each culture can attain. They provide examples for us. And at our best we see the connection between one culture and another, the common traits that bind "noble spirits" of one culture with those of another.

If you forget the words, remember that there is a tune. If you forget the tune, remember that there is a song. If you forget that there is a song, retain within you the spirit and the memory, and some day you will hear the song again.

Whatever language it is in - it brings us together. And thanks to Robin for sharing.