Tuesday, October 20, 2009

About my "Caring for the Ages" article

An article which I wrote was published this week in "Caring for the Ages," the official newsprint publication of the American Medical Directors Association. http://www.amda.com/

The article itself can be found full text at:

To download a pdf file of the article go to this site and locate the link to the pdf file (near the end of the listings for the issue).


The intention of this article was simply to make a personal statement about Reiki, and introduce Reiki to the readers, predominatly physicians and staff at Skillled Nursing facilities and other long term care venues. It is my hope that in some small way, this article will increase the dialogue and understanding about Reiki, and other complimentary methods of pain management in end of life.

Together with my colleagues, Chuck Crocelius MD and Sharlene Rajapakse MD, I will be presenting a workshop on Complimentary methods of pain management in end of life at the AMDA Annual Symposium, "Long Term Care Medicine." Our workshop with be March 12, 2010 in Long Beach, California.

My friend, and Reiki Master Teacher, Robin Hannon, who still offers me support, provided the following review of my article.

"Dr Bob explains in a very simple but effective manner how Reiki is applied in Hospice for those that are dying. The article is very well written, and it’s points are tangible and heartfelt. I was very touched by Dr. Bob’s article. It was a wonderful meld of science and complementary medicine from a Doctor who has practiced and experienced both in treating patients in end of life care."
Robin Littlefeather Hannon
Abiding Reiki